The planet is changing, and people and companies need to change along with it.

That’s why Ceres Imaging is working to enable positive change by making a meaningful impact on the agricultural ecosystem – and the world – by addressing climate change and sustainability. 

We do that by helping farmers, insurers and lenders make better decisions, maximize profitability, reduce risk and promote sustainability. The more effective we are at understanding customers, market dynamics and the competitive landscape; addressing the needs of Ceres users; aligning to ensure consistency in our product positioning and messaging; and educating people across the agricultural ecosystem about the value that we deliver and what makes us different and better, the more Ceres, our customers and the people of Earth will benefit.

So, we are growing stronger with the addition of Anubhav Sharma as our new product marketing lead. Anubhav will work to develop and execute growth strategies for our products by bringing clear personas, segmentation and a strong customer lifecycle to life in our go-to-market (GTM) strategy. He will develop product positioning and messaging that differentiates Ceres and our value propositions across our primary market segments. Working with the product team, Anubhav will ensure the strength of our business model based on a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, market dynamics and where customers want to invest. He will collaborate closely with the product and sales teams on product launches, and arm the sales and customer success teams with the materials and training they need to succeed. He will also be an advocate for Ceres products within the company, with customers and across our industry.

“Having a well-coordinated product marketing motion is crucial for a market leader with novel technology,” said Kelly Coplin, director of product management at Ceres. “That’s why we are welcoming Anubhav to the team. He will use his significant experience and talents to ensure the successful execution of our strategic, structured go-to-market approach as we build and release new products to fulfill the needs of enterprise agribusiness and financial services customers.”

Anubhav is a product marketing veteran with proven experience in helping companies build and operationalize GTM strategies. Before joining Ceres, Anubhav was the product marketing lead at 3D printing/additive manufacturing leader Carbon. He also led the GTM and sales enablement charge at both mortgage AI technology company Snapdocs and talent marketplace company Handshake. 

“Climate change and sustainability are two of the most important issues of our time – and they are significantly changing how farmers, insurers and lenders must do business,” said Anubhav. “I look forward to working with Ceres to develop and launch products that empower all stakeholders to be successful in this new world by better understanding situations, using resources effectively and making changes as needed to drive the best possible results.”


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The difference between Ceres Imaging and other technologies I've used is the help I get from their expert team.
Jake Samuel, Partner
Samuel Farms
With Ceres Imaging we can take a more targeted approach to applying fertilizer and nutrients.
Brian Fiscalini, Owner
Fiscalini Cheese Company
These flights can cover way more ground and provide more insight than a dozen soil moisture probes — and it's cheaper to implement.
Patrick Pinkard, Assistant Manager
Terranova Ranch
The average Ceres Imaging conductance measurement from its imagery over the season has provided the best correlation with applied water.
Blake Sanden
University of California Cooperative Extension