Analytics tools for insurers and lenders

Your success relies on data that’s accurate, relevant, and easy to use. Ceres Imaging provides actionable insights to streamline daily tasks and guide your long-term strategy.

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Damage reporting

Generate peril-specific damage assessment reports for perils including hail, wind, frost, and flood damage. Compare claims reports to imagery-based crop impact assessments, and seamlessly adjust claims with an automated workflow.  

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portfolio map insetPortfolio insights

Unlock insights across your portfolio and rank risk exposure by region considering factors such as emergence, crop health, or harvest. Quickly sort, rank, and filter the metrics that matter to your business in a geographic, map-based view, or through exportable tables. 

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Crop inventories

Ceres provides automated reports with timely and accurate measurements of key farm characteristics, such as crop type, plant counts, tree diameters, crop vigor and planted acreage verification. Use crop inventories for pre-inspection reports, during underwriting, and for claims processing.  

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PLI menu 800xPlant-level insights

Unlike other providers that analyze data only at the regional or field level, Ceres delivers insights on portfolio performance down to the individual plant level. This enhanced precision unlocks the ability to quantify changes—so you can surface risk, uncover trends, and quantify changes over time. 

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acregrid_cumulativestressCrop productivity forecast

The crop productivity forecast reveals where yield may be most impacted by stress. Use it to identify the most vulnerable areas of your portfolio, providing managers with localized data to forecast potential payouts, adjust risk models, and help farmers make timely changes in season to protect yield. 


Ceres Imaging integrates seamlessly with farm management software and in-field sensors.

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Best-in-class aerial imagery

Ceres Imaging is the industry leader in aerial data for agriculture, providing crop health data down to the individual plant level.

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Mobile friendly

Easily refer to imagery in the field on your phone or tablet.

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Customized for you

Pricing and service levels tailored to your operation.

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“Overall, 87% of [agriculture finance] respondents expect climate change to pose a material risk to their businesses.”

Deloitte Consulting LLP and the Environmental Defense Fund
“[Ceres] saved us a ton of time, since we didn't have to do as much surveying of individual fields.” 
Nick Edsall
Orchard Manager, Bullseye Farms
“After investigating several drone, satellite and aerial imagery options, Ceres Imaging was found to provide the best results at an economical price.”
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