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A powerful communication tool for agriculture

When pests or disease threaten your bottom line, confidence in your plan of attack isn't always enough: if you work with other decision-makers, chances are you've got some explaining to do.  That's the situation Nathan Cardella found himself in when he discovered bunch rot on the south side of an 80-acre block of Chenin Blanc. When he drove to the north side, there was no rot to be seen....

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Varietal Tree Count tool streamlines purchase planning for almond and pistachio growers

  With harvest underway for some—and right around the corner for others—almond and pistachio growers are already planning for next year’s purchasing and tree replacement needs. Traditionally, this means hours spent walking row to row, counting trees with a clicker. But growers working with Ceres Imaging now have a more efficient option: our new Varietal Tree Count tool.   The Varietal Tr...

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Are your vines sick, or just thirsty? Consider lab testing to be sure.

On episode four of Advances in Imagery we discussed the latest in pest and disease management for orchards. In episode five, we took the conversation to the vineyard—with research insights from University of California Cooperative Extension viticulture advisor George Zhuang. Episode 5: New Data vs. Pests and Disease for Vines Zhuang, who works out of Davis and Fresno, is currently resear...

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We asked a grower and a researcher how data is changing pest and disease management

The battle against pests and disease is as old as ag—but growers' arsenal is expanding to include analytics tools that past generations of growers couldn't have imagined. On episode four of Advances in Imagery, we set out to explore these developments from both the research and implementation perspective: Erik Hansen of Hansen Ranches and Jordan Hazell of Semios joined us for a conversat...

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Category: Irrigation

There are countless ways irrigation can go wrong: here's how three growers used imagery to get it right

You could say we were made from water: Ceres Imaging got its start helping California almond growers navigate a severe drought. Though we've expanded our services since then, finding and solving irrigation problems remains a top use of our imagery and analytics. We're marking Smart Irrigation Month with a look at three different ways we've partnered with growers to dial in their irrigati...

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It's been a wet winter—and spring: have you adjusted your irrigation program?

Winter weather across much of the country this year was anything but average. How should growers adapt their irrigation program to reflect that? On episode three of Advances in Imagery—our new audio series produced in partnership with Malcolm Media—we put that question to two guests who think a lot about water: Spencer Cooper of the Almond Board of California and Daniele Zaccaria of the ...

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Ceres Imaging announces surpassing 15% of service to California’s specialty acres

California 4.9 million acre specialty crop market is larger than the rest of the country's combined OAKLAND--Wednesday, June 26, 2019 -- Aerial imagery and analytics company, Ceres Imaging announced that it now services more than 15% of California’s 4.9 million specialty acres. The milestone marks the maturation of a once small and fragmented market for aerial imagery in agriculture.  Th...

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Ceres Imaging adds Variable Rate Application Zone Tool to its analytics suite

In the wake of record setting rainfall, the new VRA zone tool will help growers create precise in-season zones. OAKLAND, Calif., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceres Imaging, an aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that improves decision making by providing farmers a comprehensive view of their farm, today announced the release of their new Variable Rate Application Zone Tool. Th...

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Celebrating #agdads, Father's Day and every day

If you're from a farm family, you probably don't need a holiday to remind you to be grateful for everything your dad taught you: whether it was how to drive a tractor or how to follow a budget, chances are you're still using some of those lessons every day. But with Father's Day coming up this weekend, we’re thinking more than usual about #agdads. We asked a few Ceres Imaging staff what ...

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Missed the debut episodes of Advances in Imagery? Catch up here.

We know our community of growers never wants to stop learning ... but we also know they're too busy most days to spend much time in front of a screen. That's why Ceres Imaging has partnered with the California Ag Network to bring you Advances in Imagery, an audio series you can listen to from anywhere. Each episode, we’ll feature leading experts and top producers talking through the late...

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