Precision agriculture analytics

An effective precision agriculture strategy relies on data that’s accurate, relevant, and easy to use. Ceres Imaging provides actionable insights to streamline daily tasks and guide your long-term strategy.


Cumulative Stress Index

The Cumulative Stress Index is a scorecard of total farm health, revealing where yield may be most impacted by stress. Use the index to identify the most vulnerable areas of your operation, evaluate the ROI on addressing issues, and allocate capital to the right strategic investments based on past and present farm conditions.

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custom zones in desktop

Custom zones

Custom zones take our powerful analytics tools a step further, aggregating crop health data into meaningful units for key farm management decisions. Custom zones are tailored to your business needs and instantly responsive: start with a view by irrigation zone to guide scheduling adjustments, then drill down to individual blocks to set scouting priorities.

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sensor integration ipad-1-smallerIntegrations

Finding opportunities for the highest ROI in your agriculture portfolio requires seeing the full picture across your operation. That’s why Ceres Imaging offers seamless integrations with the in-field sensors and other farm management platforms that you already use—including moisture probes and weather stations. With your farm data in one place, it’s easier than ever to report on progress and uncover opportunities to improve your performance.

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PLI in desktop 600x450Plant-level insights

Unlike other providers that analyze data only at the field level, Ceres Imaging delivers insights on crop health down to the individual tree or vine. This enhanced precision unlocks the ability to quantify changes—so you can measure progress, uncover trends, and evaluate the impact of your management strategy. 

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Water Demand Map on desktop with menuWater Demand Maps

In challenging conditions, precision irrigation requires more than guesswork. Water Demand Maps from Ceres Imaging use aerial data from your fields to help you visualize variability across your operation, so you can confidently conserve water without compromising crop health.

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VRA zone detail transparent-1

Variable Rate Application tool

As the costs of key inputs rise, many growers are adopting Variable Rate Application (VRA) strategies to minimize expenses without compromising yields. Ceres Imaging offers a built-in tool to generate customized VRA zones from aerial data at the click of a button.

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tree count circular highlight

Tree count

Tree counts generated from aerial imagery make it possible to avoid the time and expense of traditional clicker-counting—without sacrificing accuracy. Receive an inventory pinpointing tree replacement needs by variety within 72 hours.

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Ceres Imaging integrates seamlessly with farm management software and in-field sensors.

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Best-in-class aerial imagery

Ceres Imaging is the industry leader in aerial data for agriculture, providing crop health data down to the individual plant level.

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Mobile friendly

Easily refer to imagery in the field on your phone or tablet.

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Customized for you

Pricing and service levels tailored to your operation.

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“We were extremely pleased with the accuracy of the [Ceres] solution … and are confident this will be an easy-to-use tool for our customers to save money and make better decisions with their fungicide applications.”

Matt Free
Agronomy Manager, Evergreen FS

“Ceres helps us prioritize capital irrigation system improvements with a bottom-up approach to get the most bang for our buck.”

Craig Alm
Owner and Farm Manager, Yatco Farms

“We are excited about the work Ceres Imaging is doing with high-resolution thermal imaging and analytics today, especially as it pertains to precision irrigation.”

Gustavo Oberto
President of Global Irrigation, Lindsay Corporation