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Join a team working some of the world's hardest problems

Help the world use less water, grow more food, and use less natural resources.

At Ceres Imaging, we're changing the way farmers manage their crops. Using aerial imagery and spectral image processing we help farmers conserve water and fertilizer. We're also dramatically improving yields with customers having achieved 25% yield increases and a large ROI with Ceres Imaging.

Everyone on our team believes in this mission and is excited to find more minds to work on it with. We are composed scientists, agronomists, chefs, writers, farmers, engineers, and above all curious problem solvers.

Why We Exist

Yield productivity has increased substantially due to better water and nutrient management plans, yet water and nutrient application is far from optimized. Growers face natural resource constraints, labor shortages, climate change, and increased regulation, and have a pressing need for tools that maximize productivity and minimize input costs, labor, resources, and waste.

Water and nitrogen are two of the most important resources for growers to allocate efficiently, yet existing tools do not make it easy for growers to truly understand how their irrigation and fertilizer strategies interact with their field’s distribution uniformity and varying topographic/soil conditions. That makes it difficult for growers to set optimized management zones and develop optimized irrigation strategies.
We exist to offer growers real-time information on the water and fertilizer status of every plant in their field, both so that they can identify and optimize specific water and fertilizer decisions but also gain better understanding of naturally weak and strong areas in their field. A picture is worth a thousand words, and most growers who see our imagery for the first time can vouch for the power of our imagery.

Working at Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging is experiencing huge growth. This success is all due to our amazing employees. Our fast-growing team is passionate, intelligent, and highly skilled, which influences everything we do from our culture to our platform to how we approach our customers.

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