In the wake of record setting rainfall, the new VRA zone tool will help growers create precise in-season zones.

OAKLAND, Calif., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceres Imaging, an aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that improves decision making by providing farmers a comprehensive view of their farm, today announced the release of their new Variable Rate Application Zone Tool. The tool combines the highest accuracy aerial imagery on the market with patented data analytics to automatically generate management zones for variable rate applications of nitrogen and other inputs.

The Ceres Imaging VRA tool comes at a crucial time, as heavy rains have led many growers to switch from up-front to in-season input applications. The tool is part of Ceres Imaging’s Center-Pivot Analytics Suite, and is also available to their non-irrigated customers at no additional cost.

“No matter how good your zones are in springtime, after the growing season begins, things happen. Ceres Imaging’s VRA zone tool gives growers the in-season intelligence to revise zones or make new ones based on the realities of what is happening in their fields at that time.” says Kirk Stueve, Remote Sensing Scientist and Farmer at Ceres Imaging.

The VRA zone tool automatically creates management zones. Ceres Imaging uses its proprietary high-resolution aerial imagery-based data layers, including Water Stress, Chlorophyll and Thermal, to create management zones based off of real-time in-season data. Growers can choose from 2 to 25 zones per block, and then import them into their applicator technology. 

Use Cases include:

  • Corn and Soybeans: Data source to power in-season nitrogen applications. Integrates nitrogen calibration ramp data. Use with the Chlorophyll Index for available plant nutrient modeling.
  • Potatoes: Data source for all zone creation including fertigation and irrigation management.
  • Cotton: Data source to inform in-season growth regulator strategy, as well as in-season nutrient management.

"This wet year has been a real challenge for growers, and we’re seeing more input decisions being pushed later in-season than ever before. Ceres Imaging’s VRA Zone Tool is backed by the most precise aerial imagery on the market, and can drive in-season zone management with confidence," said Ceres Imaging CEO, Ash Madgavkar

 About Ceres Imaging:

Ceres Imaging is a precision agriculture company that helps growers and farm advisors make proactive in-season decisions using aerial imagery and data analytics.  Backed by university-validated science, Ceres Imaging uses proprietary sensors, analytics, machine learning models and plant science to help growers gain a more comprehensive picture of their farm. Ceres Imaging takes the guesswork out of in-season decision making and supports its customers with expert agronomists and local customer support.

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