To our customers and community—

I want to provide an update on Ceres Imaging’s approach to supporting farmers navigating the fallout from COVID-19.

You’ve read dozens of messages from the companies you work with about these “uncertain times”—and it’s true that the pandemic has introduced unprecedented disruption to supply chains, the farming workforce, and community life.

But in agriculture more than many other industries, we know that reckoning with uncertainty is part of doing business. Even in the best of years, we contend with a degree of volatility—in the weather, in global markets, in the harvest itself—that other industries do not.

That’s why I’m fundamentally hopeful for our community: not simply because agriculture is essential, but because farmers know to meet uncertainty with renewed focus on the things they can control.

Ceres Imaging grower representative and farmer Jeff Divan puts it this way: “In challenging times, you’re forced to be a much better farmer. You need the full picture to optimize every penny you’re putting into your operation.”

With that in mind, we’re offering the following to support our clients:

  • Online training on using the Ceres Imaging app to drive labor efficiency, facilitate remote communication between farm staff, and identify opportunities for cost-savings.
  • An extension of our free trial flight and imagery consultation offer to all regions in Ceres Imaging’s coverage area. This is a unique opportunity to experiment with aerial imagery—and whether it’s the right solution for your operation or not, an initial flight often uncovers opportunities for cost savings.
  • Additional options for flexibility and customization in service and payment plans. 
We are also working hard to prevent service and delivery interruptions, even as we minimize in-person interactions. Our imagery experts will continue to provide consultations and customer support via phone and video conferencing. We’ve increased our processing capacity and built in redundancies to ensure flights are on time and imagery is delivered within 24-48 hours.

Whether you need to cut costs by reducing inputs or find a way to manage your operation with a smaller workforce, the team at Ceres Imaging will do everything we can to help you make tough management decisions with confidence. If there’s a way we can support you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,

Ashwin Madgavkar
Founder and CEO, Ceres Imaging

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