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Reduce risk, expand your reach, and find new operational efficiencies with Ceres—the leader in high-resolution imagery and analytics for agriculture.

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Ceres captures and analyzes farm data–from the basics of crop type and planted acres to health metrics such as water stress and canopy vigor. Use our best-in-class imagery and data tools to streamline your underwriting process:

  • Expedite data intake by pre-populating farm-level data such as acreage reports, emergence date, and plant counts
  • Assess and categorize a field's level of risk
  • Write more accurate policies informed by detailed field-level data
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Digitization and automation

Digitize your commercial farming portfolio to increase efficiency and reduce risk of error. Ceres builds AI-driven solutions customized to your priorities.

  • Access comprehensive farm data—including precise, navigable farm field boundaries—through an intuitive mobile app
  • Optimize crop monitoring routes based on risk and location data
  • Reduce manual tasks and paperwork with digital-first workflows
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Claims processing

Streamline claims processing while reducing the risk of error and fraud. With custom-built solutions from Ceres Imaging, you can:

  • Assess damage claims more accurately and in less time with a powerful combination of satellite and high-resolution aerial imagery
  • Prioritize and expedite site visits based on your chosen criteria
  • Improve customer experience: with Ceres, it’s faster and easier to submit information for claims

Why Ceres Imaging

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Integrated data sources

Unlike other providers who rely exclusively on periodic satellite imagery, Ceres Imaging combines satellite with data from in-field sensors and proprietary, high-resolution thermal cameras to capture the complete picture of crop health.

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Proven processing power

Every year, Ceres Imaging's scalable, reliable, and global data processing pipeline delivers more than 6.2 million acres of imagery in under 24 hours. In-house expertise and meticulous quality control have made us the provider of choice for hundreds of commercial operations.

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Unrivaled accuracy

Ceres customers benefit from 40+ crop-specific data models powered by AI trained on more than nine years of data—more than 1 billion plant-level measurements. Our analytics tools are tested and trusted by academic and industry partners including NASA; the University of California, Davis; and Wilbur-Ellis.

You can see [from aerial data] where you won and where you lost in the last harvest. With several years of imagery maps, we can see trends and map out a good variable rate application plan.
Scott Schechter, owner/agronomist
Samuel Farms
The average Ceres Imaging conductance measurement from its imagery over the season has provided the best correlation with applied water.
Blake Sanden
University of California Cooperative Extension
Ceres Imaging has outstanding customer service, and I love their turnaround time: they fly over and within 24 hours I have images.
Michael Klouda, Viticulturist
Michael David Winery

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Case study: aerial data for damage assessment

Using remote imaging, satellite data and AI-powered analytics, insurers can transform damage assessment practices. Geospatial tools can reduce the time providers spend in-field by providing data on a claim in advance of visiting the claim site, while AI technology can identify damage down to the plant level.

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