Terranova Ranch



With 6,000 acres of veggie crops, Terranova wanted to obtain more actionable, easy-to-interpret information to enable management decisions at their ranch.

Client: Terranova Ranch

Project type: Vegetable and Row Crops

Location: California

Imagery let them oversee a large set of fields efficiently.

Imagery provided by Ceres – including NDVI, thermal, and water stress – gave them the tools they needed for a full view of their operation in a clear visual format.

  • The imagery produced maps of their fields indicated differences in plant health and areas that were over or under watered.
  • Could observe changes – accounting for the recently harvested blocks, failures in their water delivery systems, and reviewing the effectiveness of management decisions.

Using the imagery was easy. They just printed off imagery of their fields every week and gave it to the irrigation team, annotated with the week's tasks.  Terranova’s process is even more streamlined now that Ceres has introduced an iOS app that provides access to imagery for in-field personnel.

This was probably the best way to cover our acreage – these flights can cover way more ground and provide more insight than a dozen soil moisture probes – and it’s cheaper to implement!
— Patrick Pinkard, Assistant Ranch Manager, Terranova


Terranova's Results

The bottom line:

The imagery allowed for massive gains in ROI and efficiency.

Some of their results:
  • 25 ton/acre
    Gain in yield
  • $40k-60k
    Revenue improvement