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Water Stress

We translate canopy temperatures into an intuitive water stress metric, backed by university trials and numerous customer case studies.


Chlorophyll Content

Chlorophyll View is a strong indicator of nitrogen content, combining near-infrared and visible spectra to improve on traditional NDVI images.


NDVI (Canopy Vigor)

Ceres offers best-in-class images of standard NDVI images, complemented by unique tools with further detail.



Ceres' advanced plant-level thermal imaging sets a new industry standard.


Plant Counting

We use imagery to automatically and accurately count the trees in your fields.



With the imagery collected over a growing season, we can provide change-over-time analytics for your fields.

How it Works

Our products yield real results and return on investment

California vineyards produce some of the highest quality
grapes on a challenging topography. Variable soils,
hills, and differing microclimates made managing difficult.

One of their remote plots that generates tens of thousands of dollars an acre was proving tricky. The irrigation system wasn’t creating consistent outcomes, and the quality and consistency of the grapes was in jeopardy.

By using the imagery, the Stagecoach team was able to examine the plot and devise a new strategy, breaking the plot up into three differently calibrated systems. They evaluated the effectiveness of the changes in real time and ultimately obtained the even Brix levels they wanted.


The imagery service for the season cost approximately $6,000 dollars and created close to $150,000 in added value.

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Best-in-class water stress images

We approximate a plant’s water stress by measuring a plant’s level of transpiration (plants that are under water stress transpire less). We measure transpiration by using thermal imagery to expose the variation between canopy (plant) temperature and ambient temperature.

Clients use images and consultations with our team to identify problems and take action, fixing irrigation systems and monitoring whether the changes translate into less stress for their crops. Our imagery, delivered regularly, offers a valuable time series for in-season management.

Water is a valuable resource that's become more limited in recent years. Keep track of your irrigation with our intuitive images.

Take your images into the field with our iOS and Android mobile apps

On the go

Take your imagery into the field via our mobile app. With offline imagery access and GPS within our mobile app, you can walk to the exact location of trouble spots.

Find your way

Using markers you set on your imagery you can be lead to specific points in your field by GPS.


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Our pricing is cost-conscious, to protect growers' margins

Some of our most popular packages contain Ceres Water Stress and NDVI imagery. Customers can choose weekly or bi-monthly flights throughout the growing season.

RGB, Thermal, Chlorophyll (nitrogen), and other custom products, such as tree counting or custom analytics, can be added based on your needs.

Our pricing is simple – pay by the acre.


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Our insights can help your growing season be less stressful, more profitable, and prepare you for the future.

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We think at the farm level and process at the global level

Ceres Imaging has efforts and staff all over the globe. We currently provide imagery in California, the U.S. Midwest, Hawaii, and Australia.