Corn & Soybeans Case Study

Pest & Disease Detection for Midwest Growers



In the heart of the U.S. Corn Belt, where Evergreen FS serves farmers, fungal diseases are a perennial issue for corn and soybean growers. Most agronomists recommend application of fungicide. That investment is maximized when imagery highlights areas for scouting and helps growers prioritize fields for application.

Client: Evergreen FS

Project type: Corn & Soybeans

Location: Illinois 

Evergreen FS relied on Ceres for early warning of pest and disease outbreaks.

Aerial images showed when disease began to intrude on fields that Evergreen FS manages. With weekly flights after corn and soy canopies close, Ceres images can detect disease activity during mid-season stages of growth.

  • As seen in the images, Ceres detected disease pressure in a soybean field with an apparently healthy canopy.
  • Ceres imagery can give farmers warning of disease up to 10 days before other images.
  • Images detect pests and fungal diseases such as Cercospora.
  • That allowed priority fungicide applicaiton as disease emerged so that investment was maximized.

Evergreen FS's Results

The bottom line:

The 80-acre field with fungicide applied after images showed disease produced greater yields than blind spraying. 

Some of their results:
  • 4-5 Bushels
    Per acre difference in yield
  • 6x
    ROI vs. non-targeted fungicide