Century Orchards



Century Orchards recently expanded by planting almost 1,000 acres of almonds. They needed a tool that would provide an intuitive and accurate way to ensure that their new investment would pay off. 

Client: Century Orchards

Project type: Almonds

Location: Australia

Water Stress imagery showed the field’s drainage and variation by soil type

Ceres captured wet and dry areas alike so that the new irrigation system could be designed to deal with variability and produce consistent quality along with a higher yield.

NDVI imagery, which shows the vigor and canopy cover among the trees, was used to identify areas of heavy growth in need of pruning. That cut the total manpower needed, while directing work towards priority spots.

System failures were quickly spotted and corrected.

  • Automatic features were monitored and fixed immediately when they malfunctioned.
  • Easy to digest visual reporting made all these corrections simple to identify and act on.
  • Costs were controlled by diminished material inputs and more efficient allotments of labor.
  • The specific problems they had to deal with were now understood from 3,000 feet – and quantified – simplifying management and boosting the bottom line.

Century's Results

The bottom line:

The imagery allowed for massive gains in ROI and efficiency.

Some of their results:
  • $52/acre
    Gain in yield
  • 20X
    ROI for the season