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The Problem

Nathan faced a tough decision. As a partner and farm manager at a large family owned vineyard near Mendota, CA

He discovered bunch rot on the south side of an 80-acre block where he was growing Chenin Blanc, white wine. When he drove to the north side of the block, there was no rot to be seen. His buyer (which is one of the top 3 wineries in CA), requested he thin out the entire block, just to be safe. Nathan wanted to avoid the huge labor expense of doing this, not to mention the lost revenue of thinning the full 80 acres, but felt that he had no other options.


$83,000 saved

By avoiding the cost of thinning out 70 acres as well as losing an estimated 3 tons per acreage in lost harvest.

The Solution

Nathan turned to Ceres Imaging to solve the issue. He knew that bunch rot is correlated with canopy cover.

So, using the thermal imagery layer, he was able to pinpoint the infected areas in the block and discovered the bunch rot was only affecting 10 acres along the southern part of the block. He verified things one more time in the field with his Ceres Imaging app in hand, and then used the imagery to make the case to his buyer to selectively thin only the 10 affected acres- leaving the remaining 70 acres free to harvest. The buyer accepted the approach.

Nathan, with the Ceres Imaging app in hand, shows the infected area in blue at the south west side of the block.

Holding the imagery
in my hand at the winery,
I was able to make
a strong case and prove it
to them, saving most
of the 80-acre block.

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