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Services Frame 1 Flow Chart – Imagery As Service

Imagery as a service: we do all the work

Step 1

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Customers agree to a product package with a specific flight schedule

Step 2

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Ceres’ pilot partners fly at regular times around solar noon

Step 3

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Within the hour, imagery is downloaded for processing

Step 4

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Within 24-48 hours, imagery is processed and made available to customers

Step 5

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Customers receive ongoing customer support

Services Frame 3 Our Products

Our Products

Water Stress

Water Stress

Chlorophyll Content

Chlorophyll Content

Canopy Vigor (NDVI)

Canopy Vigor (NDVI)



Tree Counting

Tree Counting

We create intuitive maps that reveal crop water and nutrient status.

Service Frame 4 Water Stress Product Detail and Example

Water Stress

Water Stress

We approximate a plant’s water stress by measuring a plant’s level of transpiration (plants that are under water stress transpire less). We measure transpiration by using thermal imagery to expose the variation between canopy (plant) temperature and ambient temperature.

By using our imagery and consulting with our customer success experts, clients are not only able to take action and know where to changes to their irrigation systems but also monitor how the changes translate into less stress for their crops. Our imagery delivered regularly offers a valuable time series for in-season management.

Water Stress

Service Frame 5 Chlorophyll Product

Chlorophyll Content

Chlorophyll and Nitrogen

We estimate chlorophyll content and plant nitrogen levels by capturing multispectral imagery using a combination of near-infrared and visible channels, and have developed biological models to estimate chlorophyll content and plant nitrogen levels from that imagery. This data can then be used to optimize the distribution of key nutrients across your field.

Services Frame 2 Product Delivery

Access the imagery anywhere

Access high-res imagery in your office, or take it to the field via our mobile app. With offline imagery access and GPS within our mobile app, growers can walk to the exact location of trouble spots or patterns highlighted by our imagery to investigate further and take ground samples.

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Getting started

Our most popular package contains our water stress and NDVI imagery products, either weekly or bimonthly throughout a customer’s growing season. RGB, thermal, nitrogen, and other customized products (tree counting etc) can be added based on your needs. Our pricing is simple – pay by image by acre.

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