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Introducing our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite to Imagery Solutions

It’s taken a long time to get here, but after much research and partnering directly with growers, we have developed our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite, a full-service imagery solution designed specifically for center-pivot irrigated row crops. We’re excited to share these tools with center-pivot growers and help them learn how combining scientific-grade imagery with data analytics and expe...

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Vineyard mystery: how do "red leaf" diseases spread?

To fight red leaf diseases in vineyards, UC researchers know what they need to figure out: what’s the vector? How do the diseases move? Unfortunately the latest research reveals how hard of a problem it is to solve that mystery. “We’re still not sure how this is moving around,” said UC Cooperative specialist Kent Daane. “We’re still not sure its effect on your crop.” So what has the late...

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Vine mealybug: Which pesticides work best?

“This is the most important pest in the Central Valley,” said Kent Daane, a UC Cooperative extensionist, addressing winegrape growers at an event in Fresno. The menace he referred to? Vine Mealybug. “I started working with Vine Mealybug long before we had Movento,” Daane said. “Movento has probably in all of our trials been the best material.” Daane recommended that vineyard managers app...

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The challenge of management zones and precision nitrogen

There’s nothing easy about farming, and there’s nothing easy about precision ag either. At the heart of the challenge of precision ag is how to capture reliable data and how to plan management zones for variable rate application. That challenge was the focus for Raj Khosla of Colorado State, who addressed an audience of precision agriculture professionals at the Info Ag conference in St....

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UC's Haviland talks managing spider mites in almonds

    “I’m down in Bakersfield and spider mites for us are huge,” said David Haviland, a University of California Cooperative farm advisor for Kern County. “Everything that makes a tree stress and work hard, that’s what we’ve got, and that’s what makes spider mites go crazy.” Some spider mite presence isn’t cause for total panic, Haviland said. “The science says the trees can take some hit...

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Black widow spiders: Understanding behaviors is key to getting this arachnid out of vineyards

  The newsreel plays, and a stricken-looking woman sits at her spacious dining room table, hands interwoven, as she describes the terror she felt finding a black widow spider in a bunch of grapes. “Every single year I can find local news media programs somewhere in the United States—it’s always the same venue…the woman showing it in the kitchen, the husband sitting on the sideline,” says...

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Navel orangeworm pressure looks heavy as hull split nears, UC & Blue Diamond experts say

  As hull split approached in June, University of California IPM advisor Kris Tollerup is warning growers this month of potential navel orangeworm presence above and beyond 2017. “How high is the navel orangeworm pressure this year?” Tollerup asked a roomful of almond growers in Selma. “Very high, right?” “Up north, I hear people are capturing tons of moths...and tons of females,” Toller...

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Managing the Top 10 Most Wanted Weeds in almonds and stopping Glyphosate resistance: UC's Hembree shares tips

What are the top ten weeds almond growers fight to control? “This is so subjective,” said Kurt Hembree, Weed Science Advisor, UCCE Fresno County, addressing a crowd of growers in Fresno. “I can talk to any one of you and your ten list is going to be different than my ten.” Nevertheless, Hembree counted off his Top 10 and told growers what they should do to control the common weeds. For a...

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Almond grading facts and tips from Blue Diamond's Machado

When Blue Diamond Growers meets with its almond growers to talk shop, the object isn’t just to give them tips that help in the field. Another goal is to tell growers how Blue Diamond works, so that the process of grading nuts is no mystery. That’s why Mel Machado, director of member relations, was telling growers about the details of the process earlier this month in Selma, California. “...

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"Growing the Valley" UC podcast host Phoebe Gordon talks podcasts, herbicides, freeze

  The UC Cooperative Extension has just launched “Growing the Valley,” a new podcast that focuses on orchard crops in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys. It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, or just played online at We spoke with Phoebe Gordon, UCCE orchard systems advisor in Madera and Merced counties, about the first episode and her plans for ...

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