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Introducing our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite to Imagery Solutions

It’s taken a long time to get here, but after much research and partnering directly with growers, we have developed our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite, a full-service imagery solution designed specifically for center-pivot irrigated row crops. We’re excited to share these tools with center-pivot growers and help them learn how combining scientific-grade imagery with data analytics and expe...

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Soil Health for Sustainability: Interview with Jamie Beyer

This time of year, soil health is on everyone’s mind. When looking ahead to the new season, the main focus is getting the operation just right to maximize quality and yield. Having healthy soil that’s as productive as possible is a key piece of that preparation. This week on the blog, we spoke with soil health expert and all-around ambassador of agriculture Jamie Beyer. She talked about ...

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Precision technology to optimize nutrients and protect the environment

Fabián Fernández has history in Midwest ag research, having worked in Illinois before moving to the University of Minnesota, and he’s seen the challenges of improving nutrient practices. “When we make nutrient decisions, we don’t always think about availability,” Fernández said to a room full of precision agriculture professionals at the Info Ag conference in St. Louis this year. That me...

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"We just couldn’t find people to farm": Vineyard mechanization in Missouri

“I think the labor shortage hit the Midwest before it hit this part of the country,” said Missouri vineyard director Andrew Meggitt, speaking to a crowd of winegrape growers in Sacramento. “We just couldn’t find people to farm and we needed to farm.” That’s why Meggitt started mechanizing his vineyard, St. James Winery, more than a decade ago. He wasn’t always a fan of mechanization. “In...

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Save hard-earned nutrients: A view of whole-orchard recycling from UC's Holtz

What happens when an orchard’s life is over? Currently, many growers destroy the trees and start again with the soil. Brent Holtz, county director and farm advisor in San Joaquin County for the University of California Cooperative Extension thinks the trees shouldn’t disappear from the picture. “As growers you spend 25 years growing that tree,” he said to an audience in Modesto this year...

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The challenge of management zones and precision nitrogen

There’s nothing easy about farming, and there’s nothing easy about precision ag either. At the heart of the challenge of precision ag is how to capture reliable data and how to plan management zones for variable rate application. That challenge was the focus for Raj Khosla of Colorado State, who addressed an audience of precision agriculture professionals at the Info Ag conference in St....

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Variable rate phosphorus uncertainties can't be ignored, says Kentucky's McGrath

What’s the difference between accuracy and precision? It might not seem like a big deal outside of a spelling bee, but to Joshua McGrath, an extension specialist in agricultural soil management at the University of Kentucky, it’s a huge deal. McGrath spoke to precision agriculture professionals in St. Louis about accurate and precise agriculture, and how to implement variable rate phosph...

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Soil sampling problems hinder variable rate application for phosphorus

  Iowa State’s Antonio Mallarino came to the Info Ag conference in St. Louis with a gauntlet to throw down: “We have lower grain prices, stable fertilizer prices,” he said, “and real or perceived serious agricultural impacts on water quality.” Mallarino’s pitch: Better soil testing pays. Yield levels must be considered. “Yield can vary greatly in fields,” Mallarino told the crowd. “It va...

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Traditional nitrogen calculation methods like MRTN don't tell whole story, warns Missouri's Newell Kitchen

Speaking to a crowd of hundreds of precision agriculture professionals, University of Missouri professor Newell Kitchen called roll, asking how many were from a corn-growing region. About half the crowd stood. Then he asked the audience to remain standing if they’re from an area with too much water, the bulk of them did, naming home areas including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba. “Th...

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Info Ag kicks off with Lowenberg-DeBoer's global view on precision adoption

  On day one of Info Ag, 1,150 attendees from 23 countries gathered together at Union Station in St. Louis. “As we travel around the world, we’re all aware there are many definitions of precision ag,” said moderator Steve Phillips of the International Plant Nutrition Institute. “The society is working on a common definition of consumer ag, which is very important—that we’re all speaking ...

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