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Are All Almonds Created Equal? Part 2

Test results are in! Late last year, you may have read about the taste test in our office comparing six different varietals of almonds. Today, we find out the results!       There was a clear winner. The almond variety Carmel received the most 4 or 5 ratings by far!   Carmel and Aldrich varieties, even though the smallest almonds of the bunch, were the clear winners averaging a 4 out of ...

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Are All Almonds Created Equal: Part 1

  Ever wonder what different almond variety taste like? Most of us buy Nonpareil at the store, but did you know that many growers grow multiple varieties? According to the Almond Board of California: There are approximately 30 almond varieties produced in California orchards. Ten varieties represent over 70% of production. Varieties are grouped into broad classifications for marketing pu...

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