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There are countless ways irrigation can go wrong: here's how three growers used imagery to get it right

You could say we were made from water: Ceres Imaging got its start helping California almond growers navigate a severe drought. Though we've expanded our services since then, finding and solving irrigation problems remains a top use of our imagery and analytics. We're marking Smart Irrigation Month with a look at three different ways we've partnered with growers to dial in their irrigati...

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It's been a wet winter—and spring: have you adjusted your irrigation program?

Winter weather across much of the country this year was anything but average. How should growers adapt their irrigation program to reflect that? On episode three of Advances in Imagery—our new audio series produced in partnership with Malcolm Media—we put that question to two guests who think a lot about water: Spencer Cooper of the Almond Board of California and Daniele Zaccaria of the ...

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Introducing our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite to Imagery Solutions

It’s taken a long time to get here, but after much research and partnering directly with growers, we have developed our Center-Pivot Analytics Suite, a full-service imagery solution designed specifically for center-pivot irrigated row crops. We’re excited to share these tools with center-pivot growers and help them learn how combining scientific-grade imagery with data analytics and expe...

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Research Study Validates Imagery for Pistachios

Recently published research in the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing demonstrates the effectiveness of our thermal imagery in detecting water stress in pistachio orchards, echoing the results of the extensive trials in almonds with UC's Blake Sanden over the past several years.  Specifically, the study details how This university-led research study demonstrates the accuracy of thermal...

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Soil Health for Sustainability: Interview with Jamie Beyer

This time of year, soil health is on everyone’s mind. When looking ahead to the new season, the main focus is getting the operation just right to maximize quality and yield. Having healthy soil that’s as productive as possible is a key piece of that preparation. This week on the blog, we spoke with soil health expert and all-around ambassador of agriculture Jamie Beyer. She talked about ...

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Root growth in almond trees: Tips from UC Davis's Volder

Root systems in almond trees may seem like a basic part of the business for growers with years of experience, but Astrid Volder, a UC Davis professor and root physiologist, had some in-depth information when she spoke with growers in Modesto. For starters: While almond tree root systems can extend twice the height of the tree, most of those systems spread horizontally and are not very de...

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The challenge of management zones and precision nitrogen

There’s nothing easy about farming, and there’s nothing easy about precision ag either. At the heart of the challenge of precision ag is how to capture reliable data and how to plan management zones for variable rate application. That challenge was the focus for Raj Khosla of Colorado State, who addressed an audience of precision agriculture professionals at the Info Ag conference in St....

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Soil sampling problems hinder variable rate application for phosphorus

  Iowa State’s Antonio Mallarino came to the Info Ag conference in St. Louis with a gauntlet to throw down: “We have lower grain prices, stable fertilizer prices,” he said, “and real or perceived serious agricultural impacts on water quality.” Mallarino’s pitch: Better soil testing pays. Yield levels must be considered. “Yield can vary greatly in fields,” Mallarino told the crowd. “It va...

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Managing basin water: A look at SGMA's challenges for the Kaweah Subbasin

SGMA: These are four simple letters, but they stand for regulations that pose a monumental challenge to growers and water authorities around the state. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, or SGMA, was the topic of conversation among key players in the Kaweah Subbasin water scene earlier this year at a conference. Already, they said, SGMA is affecting land values and changing the ...

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UC advisor Blake Sanden retires after decades of research in almonds and pistachios

Blake Sanden, a University of California advisor for almond and pistachio growers since the 1990s, officially retired as of June (for more on Blake’s career achievements, see this blog on the UC site). But if you talk to Sanden, you can hear the same passion as ever for research projects that inform California growers. Sanden talked with Ceres Imaging about his career working with tree n...

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