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Sustainability in Action with Brian Fiscalini

With Earth Day coming up, we’re excited to celebrate one of our customers who is leading the way in sustainable farm management: Brian Fiscalini, CEO of Fiscalini Cheese Company. We had the pleasure of talking to Brian about his story and we chatted about farm technology, saving money on input costs, and whether using the word “Earth Day” at farm events was going to get me laughed out of...

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Soil Health for Sustainability: Interview with Jamie Beyer

This time of year, soil health is on everyone’s mind. When looking ahead to the new season, the main focus is getting the operation just right to maximize quality and yield. Having healthy soil that’s as productive as possible is a key piece of that preparation. This week on the blog, we spoke with soil health expert and all-around ambassador of agriculture Jamie Beyer. She talked about ...

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Ceres Imaging raises $25 million to deliver top quality imagery and support for growers around the globe

Here at Ceres Imaging, our focus is always on solving problems for growers of different crops by providing them the best aerial imagery on the market. Every crop is different, every region is different, and we pride ourselves on delivering images with notes, context, and real value–not just dumping low-value, low-cost pictures in farmers’ laps. That’s why we are excited about a new fundi...

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Aflatoxin answers? AF36 may still offer relief for pistachio growers

  Much of the focus during a 2018 research day for pistachio growers was related to aflatoxin and a related mycotoxin, which contaminate pistachios and other nut crops after they are produced by molds in orchards. Bob Klein, manager of the Pistachio Research Board, told growers that for California pistachios to stay successful in European markets, reject percentages can’t rise too high. ...

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New look for Ceres Imaging app and new features including GeoTIFF downloads and Flight Schedules

  This season growers who use Ceres Imaging will notice a new look for the app on both the mobile version and when logging in with a computer.   Perhaps even more exciting than the shiny new appearance are some new key features. This post will provide a quick walkthrough of: Image overlay view Downloads of GeoTIFF files Field boundaries visible in app Flight schedule information Image ov...

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Never stop learning: Interview with record corn farmer 'Mr. 350' Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown, “Mr. 350,” got his nickname by growing 350 bushels per acre of dryland corn in 2014, first place for Illinois and third in the nation. Brown, who farms in Blue Mound, Illinois, spoke with Ceres Imaging about his expectations for this season, and his farming philosophy and approach to new ag technologies. You can find him on Twitter @JeffMBrown1. Q. How long has your family be...

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Where will almond prices go? Wonderful's Brian Ezell talks markets

  So far 2018 has thrown challenges at almond growers, and some serious question marks: How bad was the freeze damage? Were bees able to pollinate well despite cold and rain? Will increased bearing acreage lead to a new all-time record? Prices jumped by 40 or more cents after the freeze, according to a position report  from the Nut Exchange, with NPS 25/27 reaching $3.60 and blanchable s...

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Grain marketing for growers, and how elevators make money: an interview with Angie Setzer of Citizens L.L.C.

Angie Setzer is all grains all the time--she’s VP of Grains for Citizens, L.L.C. in Michigan, and works from a home base in Iowa, where she tweets as @GoddessofGrain and also appears on grain media shows such as Iowa Public Television’s Market to Market, Ag News Daily, and The Bubba Show. Setzer spent a few minutes talking to Ceres on a busy week in which she was focused on Chinese soybe...

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China's soybean tariffs: Experts weigh in on what it means for growers

  This time last week soybean growers were concerned about winter weather to start the planting season. Now they have a bigger worry: China, the top export market for U.S. soybeans, announced a 25% tariff on the crop, counterpunching after the U.S. proposed $50 billion in tariffs on a variety of Chinese products. Soybean futures dropped 5%, the most since 2016, on the news Bloomberg repo...

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Meet Ceres Imaging at the World Ag Expo in Tulare!

  Are you ready for the biggest, craziest farm show of the year? More than 1,500 booths and a packed schedule of activities from concerts to prayer breakfasts to receptions will keep growers busy in Tulare this week. Our team will be taking it all in, and available to meet with growers in Building C, Booth 3024, to talk about how aerial imagery can save time and labor for growers. Tree n...

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