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Celebrating #agdads, Father's Day and every day

If you're from a farm family, you probably don't need a holiday to remind you to be grateful for everything your dad taught you: whether it was how to drive a tractor or how to follow a budget, chances are you're still using some of those lessons every day. But with Father's Day coming up this weekend, we’re thinking more than usual about #agdads. We asked a few Ceres Imaging staff what ...

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For an alfalfa grower, advanced imagery pays off from the very first flight

Ceres Imaging recently partnered with SCALE Ag Services to help growers in the southwest. One of their customers, a high-value alfalfa operation, was skeptical of the need to fly their fields with a fixed-wing aircraft: they'd used drones and satellites many times already. But the grower’s first look at analyses from Ceres Imaging revealed a costly irrigation error other imagery had miss...

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The tech we take for granted

We farm with our eyes forward, always looking for the next tool to help us optimize our operations. But pause to look backwards and you'll find that ag has always been a place for nuts-and-bolts experiments—some that changed the way we farm forever. This month, the story of Joseph Dart, inventor of the grain elevator. PHOTO:  Wilson Hui  In the 1840s, Buffalo, New York was booming, in pa...

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