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Study Finds Remote Sensing Successful for Predicting Nitrogen Requirements in Rice

Rice Crop Imagery Study Results Show Highly Accurate Prediction of Rice Nitrogen Uptake at Panicle Initiation NDRE Image of a commercial rice field collected using Ceres Imaging aircraft based sensor at 0.5 m resolution Results of a new rice imagery study show successful prediction of rice nitrogen uptake at panicle initiation (2018 Rice R&D Update from AgriFutures). The study validates ...

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Announcing the Cumulative Stress Index

Ceres Imaging’s new index marks an important milestone in company’s quest to help farmers make smarter decisions by using artificial intelligence. The index combines Ceres Imaging’s various imagery indices into a single metric to assess overall plant stress over a growing season and strongly correlates to actual yield results. Farmers can use the Cumulative Stress Index to be strategic a...

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Info Ag kicks off with Lowenberg-DeBoer's global view on precision adoption

  On day one of Info Ag, 1,150 attendees from 23 countries gathered together at Union Station in St. Louis. “As we travel around the world, we’re all aware there are many definitions of precision ag,” said moderator Steve Phillips of the International Plant Nutrition Institute. “The society is working on a common definition of consumer ag, which is very important—that we’re all speaking ...

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New look for Ceres Imaging app and new features including GeoTIFF downloads and Flight Schedules

  This season growers who use Ceres Imaging will notice a new look for the app on both the mobile version and when logging in with a computer.   Perhaps even more exciting than the shiny new appearance are some new key features. This post will provide a quick walkthrough of: Image overlay view Downloads of GeoTIFF files Field boundaries visible in app Flight schedule information Image ov...

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Balancing Nitrogen isn't easy, but UC has tips to help almond growers

  Almond growers know nitrogen is important to yields, and decades of research help to inform growers on the 4 R’s: Right rate, time, place, and material. But that doesn’t make balancing nitrogen easy. Figuring out the right rate can be a complex calculation, which is why the University of California Cooperative Extension provides growers with resources to help fill out Nitrogen Manageme...

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Meet the Ceres team: Midwest ag experts Kirk Stueve and Michael Burdick

  Kirk Stueve, a remote sensing scientist and grower, talks with ag industry veteran and Ceres Imaging colleague Michael Burdick in the office. Q. Kirk, what’s your family’s history in farming? Kirk: The Stueve family, we have a rich history of farming in Minnesota. I am a fourth generation farmer and I just started four years ago in what is mostly a corn and soybean rotation. My great g...

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Meet Ceres Imaging at the World Ag Expo in Tulare!

  Are you ready for the biggest, craziest farm show of the year? More than 1,500 booths and a packed schedule of activities from concerts to prayer breakfasts to receptions will keep growers busy in Tulare this week. Our team will be taking it all in, and available to meet with growers in Building C, Booth 3024, to talk about how aerial imagery can save time and labor for growers. Tree n...

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Ceres Imaging Partners with Evergreen FS to Bring Pest and Disease Early Warning System to Corn and Soybean Farmers

As seen in the images above, Ceres proved helpful identifying outbreaks of Cercospora beneath a healthy-looking soybean canopy. Ceres Imaging, which provides science-backed aerial images to growers, will offer Midwestern corn and soybean farmers an early warning system for pests and diseases in 2018. The pest and disease detection product was tested in partnership with Evergreen FS, a co...

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5 Common Problems California Tree Nut Growers and Vineyards Faced in 2017

For the Ceres Imaging team, knowing farmers’ problems is the key to our business, so our people spend a lot of time talking with farmers and growers. That includes the issues customers find thanks to our images, and other common problems. Here’s a roundup of the top five problems we heard about this year, and tips from industry authorities. Examples of 2017 Navel Orangeworm damage. Photo...

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Ceres Imaging Secures $2.5 Million in Series A Funding, Accelerating Development of Data Analytics Solutions to Help Farmers

Aerial Spectral Imagery Company Delivers Agronomic Insights That Improve Crop Yields and Reduce Cost OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceres Imaging, an aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that helps farmers solve problems with a unique set of hardware, software and agricultural expertise, today announced that it has secured an additional $2.5 million in Series A fu...

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