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Are All Almonds Created Equal: Part 1


The Great Almond Taste Test

Ever wonder what different almond variety taste like? Most of us buy Nonpareil at the store, but did you know that many growers grow multiple varieties? According to the Almond Board of California:

There are approximately 30 almond varieties produced in California orchards. Ten varieties represent over 70% of production. Varieties are grouped into broad classifications for marketing purposes based on distinguishing characteristics such as size, shape, and blanchability.

Nonpareil has the widest range of uses among the marketing classifications. Nonpareil are easily blanched (skin is removed) and cut for processed forms. A thin outer shell and smooth kernel allow for easy, blemish-free processing. As a result, Nonpareil almonds are used anywhere an attractive appearance or a strong almond identification is important.

We thought it would be fun to test if a consumer could taste any difference between the varieties and if there is a clear favorite purely from a consumer standpoint. Thus, the “Ceres Imaging Almond Taste Test Challenge” was born!

We rallied the Ceres team’s taste buds, and one of our own, Dirk, an almond grower who grows 6 different varieties at his ranch, to put to the test the following varieties:

6 different almond varieties

Six different almond varieties, will one almond shine?

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Chelsea Turner

Chelsea is one of our dynamic Customer Success team members at Ceres Imaging. Moving from rural North Carolina to urban cities, she became focused on improving global food production through ag-tech innovation. During the season, she makes weekly trips to California's Great Central Valley to meet with growers.

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