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The Almond Doctor talks irrigation from now through hull split

Stress kills. Right? Well, not if you’re talking almond trees and it’s the right kind of stress. David Doll, also known as The Almond Doctor, spoke to growers about water stress in Fresno in late June, sharing tips on how to manage tree stress and irrigation for almonds from now to hull split. First he covered traditional concerns about too much water stress. “What we try to do with good...

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Navel orangeworm pressure looks heavy as hull split nears, UC & Blue Diamond experts say

  As hull split approaches, University of California IPM advisor Kris Tollerup is warning growers this month of high levels of navel orangeworm pressure. “How high is the navel orangeworm pressure this year?” Tollerup asked a roomful of almond growers in Selma. “Very high, right?” “Up north, I hear people are capturing tons of moths...and tons of females,” Tollerup said. “I don’t want to...

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Zero waste almonds: Recycling hulls to save organic matter and hauling costs

Once upon a time, it wasn’t hard to get rid of almond hulls and shells, according to UC advisor Dani Lightle. “It wasn’t really a pressing need. There was a home for some of this stuff. Hullers could make a small amount of money that they could pass on to the growers, or it could cover the cost of getting rid of everything,” she said. Lightle said that now hullers are in a position where...

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"Growing the Valley" UC podcast host Phoebe Gordon talks podcasts, herbicides, freeze

  The UC Cooperative Extension has just launched “Growing the Valley,” a new podcast that focuses on orchard crops in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys. It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, or just played online at We spoke with Phoebe Gordon, UCCE orchard systems advisor in Madera and Merced counties, about the first episode and her plans for ...

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Aflatoxin answers? AF36 may still offer relief for pistachio growers

  Much of the focus during a 2018 research day for pistachio growers was related to aflatoxin and a related mycotoxin, which contaminate pistachios and other nut crops after they are produced by molds in orchards. Bob Klein, manager of the Pistachio Research Board, told growers that for California pistachios to stay successful in European markets, reject percentages can’t rise too high. ...

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New look for Ceres Imaging app and new features including GeoTIFF downloads and Flight Schedules

  This season growers who use Ceres Imaging will notice a new look for the app on both the mobile version and when logging in with a computer.   Perhaps even more exciting than the shiny new appearance are some new key features. This post will provide a quick walkthrough of: Image overlay view Downloads of GeoTIFF files Field boundaries visible in app Flight schedule information Image ov...

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Helicopters and fans matched up against hard freezes in almond orchards, UC's Connell says

Faced with a crowd of almond growers who knew as well as anyone how hard the frost was for some growers, Joseph Connell, an Extension Advisor Emeritus of the University of California, minced no words. “It was a rough year,” he said. Then he shared some of the more complex details of this year’s frost, and advised growers on how to protect their crops in future years. “You can have locali...

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Never stop learning: Interview with record corn farmer 'Mr. 350' Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown, “Mr. 350,” got his nickname by growing 350 bushels per acre of dryland corn in 2014, first place for Illinois and third in the nation. Brown, who farms in Blue Mound, Illinois, spoke with Ceres Imaging about his expectations for this season, and his farming philosophy and approach to new ag technologies. You can find him on Twitter @JeffMBrown1. Q. How long has your family be...

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Changes in the works for growing H-2A ag guest worker program

  In recent years, guest workers have been increasingly important for growers in a number of states including California and Washington. Between 2011 and 2017, California’s group of H-2A foreign laborers grew from around 2,000 to more than 12,000. Around the nation, the number grew from 79,000 to 200,000 in the same period, as you can see in the chart above. Despite the growth in the pro...

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Band canker tips from UC ANR for almond growers

“Band canker is not a new disease,” said Themis Michailides, a researcher in the Department of Plant Pathology at UC Davis, talking to growers at a recent Field Day. “It was described back in the 1980s. The disease was a curiosity, very sporadic.” But in the last five or six years, Michailides said he and his colleagues are seeing it in very young trees. Band canker is not just one fungu...

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