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Meet the Ceres Imaging team

Who we are:

We are an aerial spectral imagery company that helps growers optimize their water and fertilizer application. Our high-resolution multispectral images – captured via low-flying planes and processed using highly advanced image processing and crop modeling techniques – reveal highly accurate, real-time information of the water and nutrient status of every plant in a field. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we currently serve a diverse base of growers through California and Australia.

We are data-as-a-service — growers pay per image by the acre and receive the imagery and the support needed to integrate it into their broader crop management practices. By revealing irrigation and fertilizer deficiencies and over-applications; the presence of diseases, parasites and weeds; as well as problems of distribution uniformity, our product can be used for field accounting, issue spotting, week-to-week irrigation and fertilizer management, among other applications.

Why we exist

Yield productivity has increased substantially due to better water and nutrient management plans, yet water and nutrient application is far from optimized. Facing natural resource constraints, labor shortages, climate change, and increased regulation, growers have a greater than ever need for tools that maximize productivity while minimizing input costs, labor, resources, and waste.

Water and nitrogen are two of the most important resources for growers to allocate efficiently, yet existing tools do not make it easy for growers to truly understand how their irrigation and fertilizer strategies interact with their field’s distribution uniformity and varying topographic/soil conditions, making it difficult for growers to set optimized management zones or develop optimized irrigation strategies.

We exist to offer growers real-time information on the water and fertilizer status of every plant in their field, both so that they can identify and optimize specific water and fertilizer decisions but also gain better understanding of naturally weak and strong areas in their field. A picture is worth a thousand words, and most growers who see our imagery for the first time can vouch for the power of our imagery.

Our Approach

Ceres was founded upon one core insight: aerial can be a very effective tool for agriculture that unleashes the power of big data, if only the data presented is meaningful.

What makes aerial data meaningful?

  1. It offers a real-time readout on metrics that a grower can actually change in-season and with regularity – specifically water and nutrient status of their plants
  2. It approximates what growers are using as diagnostic tools on the ground – pressure bomb for water status and tissue samples for nutrient status – and its value is unlocked as a supplemental tool for ground measurements
  3. It helps growers identify root cause issues (why a plant is growing poorly vs. only detecting that a plant is growing poorly, which is revealed in traditional NDVI imagery)

Ceres is the first to be able to offer aerial data that meets this criteria, first by understanding what the requirements are, second by assembling the right team and technology to deliver an aerial imagery product that previously has not existed on the market. Leveraging the latest scientific advancements in remote sensing, a highly trained technical team of scientists with applied agronomy and hydrology backgrounds, and early partnerships with university researchers, we have developed water and nutrient imagery products that can be trusted to reveal what is truly happening on the ground, at the scale of aerial.

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Everyone on our team believes in this mission and is excited to find more minds to work on it with. We are composed scientists, agronomists, chefs, writers, farmers, engineers, and above all curious problem solvers.

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Ceres Imaging has efforts and staff all over the globe. We currently provide imagery in California, The Midwest, Hawaii, and Australia.